Nihon Kohden Cardiofax 2250 Ekg Cihazı

Nihon Kohden Cardiofax 2250 Ekg Cihazı

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The Nihon Kohden Cardiofax electrocardiogram series stands for easy operation and efficient workflows. The Cardiofax S supports caregivers in their daily routine with accurate and reliable ECG information for improved efficiency. Its 7.0’’ backlit color display allows for all relevant data and the 12-lead ECG waveform view to be seen on one screen.

The on-screen guide function allows for an optimal positioning of the electrodes thus supporting the efficient workflow of the caregiver. Other efficiency tools like a bar code reader or magnetic card reader for patient ID entry are available, too. Cardiofax S supports paper based and paperless workflows – waveform and analysis results can be transferred to a PC for review.

The advanced interpretation program, the ECAPS 12C analysis program makes for diagnostic confidence and supports a quick and reliable diagnosis for the patients. It provides simultaneous 12-lead ECG acquisition and analysis with approximately 200 findings with active noise suppression.


Easy operation

Easy-to-view color LCD: The 7’’ color backlit LCD allows for viewing 12-lead ECG waveform and data more easily. Enhanced user experience with on-screen guide function as lead detached message helps avoid re-testing, while the help function shows which electrode is detached.
Simple data entry: Equipped with alphanumeric keys for identifying and easily entering patient information. The barcode reader and magnetic card reader make it possible to enter the patient information quickly without any human errors.
Easy handling: With its lightweight design and integrated carrying handle, the Cardiofax S stands for easy portability – it weighs 2.3 kg without the battery.
Electronic recording: Preview function allows for checking waveforms and analysis results before recording (6-channels). Via the paperless mode, waveform and analysis results can be transferred to a PC for review.
Easy data transfer: Up to 400 ECG files can be stored in the internal memory. Approximately 3,000 ECG files can be stored on an SD memory card. Cardiofax S also features the capability to transfer the ECG data to a PC using LAN or W-LAN